The marriage ceremony consists of two fold

The marriage ceremony consists of two fold

Basic, an involvement service takes place where the bands are given. The second part ‘s the wedding ceremony, in which the pair usually wear the crowns / wreaths on the minds, this new priest prays in their eyes, they are both taking of common cup, and ultimately they’re going within the altar. Typically, a few priests can be found.

Towards the altar, there is a rack having an item of cloth. For the tray, the marriage wreaths (stefana), sugar almonds (koufetes), marriage rings, flower flower petals, and you will grain take it. As well, there are a cup sweet burgandy or merlot wine. This new altar table is even where in actuality the wedding certificate is on, that your few and koumbaros / koumbara might also want to indication after the ceremony.


During the wedding parties you give most of the guests a tiny provide named bomboniere. This could be fastened along with tulle, having sugar-painted almonds into the, that Greek is called koufeta. Commonly, you hand out the fresh new tulle-covered glucose almonds to the travelers at the chapel following the service, but the majority of love to allow the gifts during the lobby after.

  1. The brand new white colour on the outside shows love.
  2. The latest eggs form of this new sweet almond signifies virility.
  3. New stiffness of the sweet almond represents the potency of relationships.
  4. The fresh new sweet liking regarding the sugar was a symbol of the sweetness of the relationships.
  5. In the long run, just how many almonds features a particular meaning. You usually promote around three, four or 7 almonds to each and every invitees (or another odd matter). It needs to be an odd matter as it cannot be split up. This is certainly gone to live in the couple, that’ll including getting indivisible following marriage.

A greeting to all subscribers

If the pair is husband and wife, it turn-to stand-in top of your altar, the backs against the latest church. The parents are also waiting indeed there near the partners to anticipate all the site visitors. First, this new koumbaros and you will koumbara enjoy the couple and parents from the making out their cheeks (first proper, then kept).

If they have welcomed, it perspective near the couples plus the moms and dads in order to allowed the fresh invitees too. Today, the brand new travelers form a column, and each shows up into the couples so you can allowed and you can congratulate them, in addition to welcome the parents and the koumbari ahead of they log off this new church CrГ©dits FindEuropeanBeauty to visit this new team.

The original dance

First, most of the traffic started to the cluster, and then the wedding couple may be the last to seem. Usually, hopeful tunes is being starred just like the couple guides into venue while you are all traffic took the chair. Since the couple are at the brand new moving floors, the songs change plus they begin dance their first moving as the husband and wife. Afterwards, it is the groom’s consider dance with his mother, and finally the brand new fiance dances along with her father ahead of everyone lies off.

Cutting the marriage pie

Within the Greece, wedding parties usually occur in the night, particularly during the summer, if not it is as well hot locate hitched. Ergo, it can be a lifestyle (about to your Kalymnos) the pair slices the marriage cake just after the initial dancing. This really is in order for the wedding pie will not melt inside the heat. Yet not, you might choose perform anything you require, just like the lifestyle commonly fixed guidelines.

The happy couple cuts an item of new pie that have both holding a comparable knife. It place an aspect into a platter, where bride-to-be gets her husband a bite which have a scoop, and the brand new bridegroom nourishes their wife a bite of one’s cake with the exact same scoop. Then couples pops a bottle out of wine, that’s stream with the several cups. The couple products on glasses that have you to arm crossed more than additional. Later, the marriage pie are lead with the kitchen to be reduce, very all customers for each and every get an aspect.

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